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  Actual News
Cebit 2016 was very successful for us. We have launched some new products, especially new electronic repair machines.
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Now you can order display-protect at Amazon directly, more products are coming next time.

disc-protect+repair is now available in smaller portions, enough for 2-3 therapies

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For more than 20 years we have developed technologies and products specializing in the care and repairing of optical media including CD/DVD/Blu-ray/x-Box/PSX and all similar optical formats. In 1987, Harald Schmid realized the need for a technology to repair a listeners favorite Audio CD when it became damaged and no longer functional.

Our product portfolio contains the following products:

disc-protect + repair Cleaning, care and protecting digital media
display-protect Cleaning, care and protecting glossy surfaces
DVD/CD Reparatur-Kit Repairing and protecting digital media (all CD/DVD)
TRIO Complete solution for CD/DVD
QuickWipes Wet cleaning towels, cleaning for all surfaces

Please go to PRODUKTS to learn more about our innovative maintennance products for digital media and plastic surfaces.

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Yours, Harald Schmid

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