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disc-protect + repair

These are our most selling products for cleaning, caring and improving the quality of you digital media. After a cleaning and polishing a CD/DVD/Bluray with our "disc-protect + repair" the surfaces of your media are feeling much smoother (try it with your fingertip), and new dirt does not find any grip at the surface for min. 3-4 weeks or more


This fluid works with every known Digital Media on the market: CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-R, Bluray 25/50, Sony PS I/II/III, X-Box and all other known systems. Check it out!
This is our newest product in our line of cleaning and maintennance at shiny, glossy surfaces.

It is recommended for every plastic surface of displays, glossy housings and digital media in your house hold.

You must check this out, your result is always the best possible.


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